In order to deepen the understanding of overseas countries乫 cultures, wesponsor a series of  lecture meetings with ambassadors and diplomats from various countries.
We have sponsored the meetings more than 13 times since 1992. We also hold a series of 'mini-conferences' about three times a year with lecturers who have had unique international experiences. Already, we have held these mini-conferences more than 30 times in the past 12 years. Another unique opportunity is a series of  international

 Ambassadors from various countries
Indian ambassador
Mongolia Ambassador
Belgian ambassador
Taiwan Ambassador
Slovenia Ambassador
India Mongolia Belgium Taiwan Slovenia
Ghanaian ambassador
Sudanese ambassador
Hungarian ambassador
Peruvian ambassador
Cuban ambassador
Ghana Sudan Hungary Peru Cuba
Lecturers of 'mini-conferences'
International cooking classes
Cooking class1
Cooking class2
Cooking class3
Cooking class4
Cooking class5
Learn about various countries